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Grounded - New Arachnid Idea - Funnel-Web Spiders!

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Man, spiders are sure scary. Especially in Grounded. Well, NOBODY CARES! I would be intrigued if Obsidian Entertainment added FUNNEL-WEB SPIDERS! “What are Funnel-Web Spiders?”, you may ask. Here’s one thing: Funnel-Web Spiders are the #1 most DEADLIEST spiders EVER TO EXIST! The Funnel-Web Spiders would be a perfect edition to Grounded.

OVERVIEW: Funnel-Web Spiders live inside of the oak tree, and like to group up with their fellow Wolf Spiders and Orb Weavers. They also always carry Spiderlings wherever they go! Yeah. Deadly. Funnel-Web Spiders scavenge the backyard to find any valuables scattered around. Funnel-Web Spiders send approximately 5 Wolf Spiders to scavenge around the backyard for goodies, and you know where I’m going with this. Yes, yes, yes. Just like ants, Funnel-Web Spiders are sneaky thieves and will steal whatever stuff you have if they find it. Yup. They are attracted to any sort of berry piece/berry leather that you have, spoiled meat, and spider venom! Anyway, Funnel-Web Spiders were always the spider you never expected in Grounded.

DAMAGE/ATTACK/HEALTH: Funnel-Web Spiders have exactly 200 Health and a Base DMG of 70. They will JUMP at you when they find you, and harshly insert venom into your veins when they attack. They have a Poison side-effect that lasts 6 seconds and deals 20 DMG each second. They can deal over 150 DMG! They also have an attack where they attack from the left, right, and then they JUMP up and attack with force, flying down onto the player dealing about 170 DMG if they don’t move right away! Oh, and also, they move fast as HECK!


Spider Fang

Funnel-Web Spider Chunk

Web Fiber

Spider Venom

Spider Skin

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I would probably quit playing the game lol. My arachnophobia can barely handle the spiders we have now. 

I'm not super opposed to adding new spider variants, but this sounds a bit crazy. I do think a spider that carried spiderlings on its back would be cool. But sending wolf spiders out to do its bidding? I dunno. Wolf spiders are insanely hard to kill when you're by yourself. Maybe orb weavers instead? 

Also, we have to consider the lore of the game. Is this backyard in a location where this monstrosity would live?

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Jeez man, the game already has a three variants of spiders atm (not counting spiderlings and junior orb weavers). There are probably hundreds of other kinds of insects and bugs that should be solidly considered before adding more freakin' spiders.

Diving Bell spiders were already a stretch... But think about all the other critters that could show up that are really common to a backyard - praying mantis, katydids, ****roaches, wasps, dragonflies, butterflies, etc. Spiders are like the wolves/lions of a backyard, but they aren't the only threat to a tiny kid. I'm also down for other non-bug related threats like - sprinklers, weather, the bird (I want my backyard dragon fight), ignorant humans stomping around, lawnmowers, and so on. I'm loving all the things they're adding, but more spiders (especially an over-powered ringleader spider like you describe) is not something this game needs atm... maybe like a Halloween event or something.

Spiders don't really even exhibit this kind of behavior in the real world. It's already a bit of a stretch for orb weavers to be wandering about instead of hanging out in a web.

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