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Grounded - New Insect Idea -Ticks!

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    I just put what ideas I might want in Grounded. Maybe ****ty, maybe actually half-way decent ideas are written down. I dunno.


IDEA: I would be satisfied to see Ticks in Grounded. Ticks are these little tiny insects that many people should know about by now. In Grounded, Ticks could have a width of 50HP and they could have a little jump attack (like Lawn Mites) that would Poison the player for 3 seconds dealing 5 damage every second. Ticks would approximately deal 15 damage to a player with at least the Clover Armor Set equipped. Getting attacked by a Tick with no armor equipped would have to at least deal about 20 to 25 damage and possibly 30 damage including the poison side effect. Ticks would be EXTREMELY common in the grasslands, just like they are in real life. Ticks would be attracted to human skin, and would instantly aggro just by looking at you. They would chase you until they become unsatisfied and just crawl away. At night time, Ticks would travel around the backyard in batches, meaning it is better to fight Ticks at daytime instead of nighttime. Ticks would drop Tick Fang (because Ticks have these little fangs on their mouth that they use to hunt prey), Tick Fuzz (because since Ticks are cold-blooded insects, their skin is warm type of fur that warms them up when it gets too cold), and Tick Head (in order to craft a Tick Head Mount the player would need a head in order to mount the head). With the new materials Tick Fang, Tick Fuzz, and Tick Head, the player would then be granted the ability to craft a Tick Dagger, a Tick Head Mount, and a Tick Armor Set.

TICK DAGGER: The Tick Dagger would have the same functionality as the Spider Fang Dagger, but would deal a little bit more damage with the Poison and would be faster. We’re talking about 32% Base DMG, 73% Speed, and only 0.15% Stun. The Poison side-effect would add on to the Base DMG and make it approximately 47% DMG per hit.

TICK ARMOR SET: The Tick Armor Set would be GREAT when fighting creatures that deal heavy Knockback when attacking the player. The Tick Armor Pieces: Tick Hood, Tick Chestplate, and Tick Shin Guards.


Tick Hood: 3x Crude Rope, 2x Sap, 3x Tick Fang, 5x Tick Fuzz

Tick Chestplate: 5x Crude Rope, 4x Sap, 6x Tick Fuzz

Tick Shin Guards: 2x Tick Fang, 2x Sap, 1x Crude Rope

So in all, the player would need 9x Crude Rope, 8x Sap, 11x Tick Fuzz, and 5x Tick Fang to craft the entire Armor Set.


Tick Hood: 20 Defense

Tick Chestplate: 50 Defense

Tick Shin Guards: 30 Defense

Set Bonus: Payback - Each time a creature attacks you, you will deal 30 damage in return with Poison for 4 seconds.

This Armor Set would be an INSANELY good set for attacking Ladybugs, Bees, Orb Weavers, Wolf Spiders, Stinkbugs, and Bombardier Beetles. The AWESOME thing is, when you are swinging your melee at a creature, and they attack YOU, you will be dealing damage with your melee AND your armor set would be dealing damage TOO. The creatures that I listed 1 sentence ago all have this little thrust attack that pushes you back, and this armor set is HIGHLY EFFECTIVE against that.

The Tick Armor Set would kinda be a beginner armor set, with the max defense at exactly 100. Once again, it would KINDA be a beginner armor set. I’ll let you guys think about the results of this armor set and think again. Yeah. It’s definitely powerful. Very powerful. But, IT’S COOL! Having the idea of adding an insect that NOBODY rarely even speaks of is an indication that my imagination is absolutely MASSIVE! Obsidian Entertainment, please read all of this carefully and think of adding it. This took me 22 minutes to type out. Literally. That’s 22 minutes of my life I’ll NEVER get back if this doesn’t get respected. Better yet, added into the game!


Check out my Grounded Stats Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-g_UreWvPP_A666S90590Klyzz1qoDwnjoIf2IEvM8g/edit 

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