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Xbox GamerTag: JayTheDrummer26

Grounded quickly became my favourite game ticking all my boxes for a perfect survival game! It’s clear how much work has gone into the game and I can’t wait to see what the Obsidian Team have planned for the future.


Feedback / Suggestion: 

The main thing I hope to come to grounded is a new Save System. Being an Xbox player, it is far to confusing to have multiple games / worlds simultaneously. This means I can’t save the Going on the Public Test Server or have a second save that is in Mild (creative) mode allowing me to try out base designs and further explore the huge world of grounded.

Glider Glitch:

When Landing my camera will get stuck in third person. As a first person player, this is very irritating. Although the issue resolved itself after a couple of minutes, it’s a regularly occurring issue I hope that gets fixed.


Thanks, Love the game! 


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