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what I understand so far is, that...

  1. the MC gains more XP then the active party-members
  2. the active party-members earn more XP as the passive party-members in the inn
  3. a smaller active party gains more XP then a larger one

...but does the number of passive party-members has any influence on the ammount of XP?

...and is it known, how big the effects of 1.-3. is?

...and does staying on a lower as possible has any effect like in IWD2?

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1. Nope - all gain the same as long as they are in the party. Companions in the strongholg get a bit less (I think they gain 75%).

2. Right (they are in the stronghold though, not in an inn). They can go on "stronghold adventures" though which will give them extra XP. This requires not much action on your part. You just choose a companion who's in the stronghold to do an adventure that pops up. He/she will then leave the stronghold and return later with XP and sometimes even neat unique items. It doesn't matter whom you pick - they will always be successful afaik.

3. Per head - yes. XP will be granted to the whole party and then devided among all party members equally. If you have less than 6 party members the XP gained for the whole party will be less, but per head it will be more (because it gets devided among fewer heads). The XP gain per head is highest when going solo. You can trick the game a bit if you level up solo as high as you want and only then pick up new party members (which automatically puts them on your level).

You can read about it in more detail here: https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Experience_and_advancement

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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