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Public Test Patch Notes for Update 0.7.0


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New Crafting Content

  • Added Stair Railing: Sprig Railing, Acorn Railing
  • New Stairs Added: Acorn Spiral Stairs
  • New Scaffolding: Bracket Scaffold
  • New Floors Added: Grass Half-Floors and Weed Stem Floors
  • New Item: Firefly Hanging Lantern
  • New Items: Wall-mounted Zipline Anchor
  • New Item: Shinobi Sneeze, a smoke-screen escape item
  • Mounted Head Trophies can now be crafted for all of the flying creatures: Mosquitos, Fireflies, and Bees

New Features

All platforms

  • You can relocate any non-grid building you have made without destroying and rebuilding it (Lean-to, Storage, Workbench, etc.).
  • When you are crafting, any items in nearby storage will be available as crafting ingredients without requiring you to put them in your backpack.
  • You can place hauling items (Grass Planks, Weed Stems) on Ziplines using the "Drop" action when pointing at the line.
  • Player characters have new and improved stagger animations.

Changes / Tuning


  • Hunger and Thirst effects have been reworked:
    • Bonuses now activate at 80% or higher instead of 90% or higher.
      • Hunger Bonus heals you over time.
      • Thirst Bonus increases your stamina regen.
    • Penalties now activate at 20% or lower instead of 0%.
      • Hunger Penalty caps your max stamina at 50%.
      • Thirst Penalty reduces your stamina regen.
  • Repair Recipes have been reworked:
    • Armor Glues have been removed.
    • Armors now take ~20% of their initial ingredients to repair.
    • Weapons now take 1 quartzite + a minimal amount of their initial ingredients to repair.
  • Gas Masks now take durability damage in gas hazards.



  • Bandages now heal much more HP, but over a much longer period of time.
  • Mosquito Needle has the life-steal ability slightly decreased.
  • Bees now have two additional attacks.
  • When you are wielding both a shield and a canteen, the Block input will both drink from the canteen and block.
  • Weevil shield durability doubled.
  • Bratburst and Splatburst deal more damage.
  • Pollen Shot now adds slightly more stun damage to bow attacks.
    • Note: This is not a % chance to stun, this allows bows to deal stun damage in addition to normal damage.


  • Lasting (applied by gear or mutations) and temporary status effects appear in the Status UI.
  • Added "Any Weapon" HotPouch slot type and changed the defaults of the first four slots to be "Any Weapon" instead of "Any Melee Weapon".
  • Save games that are older than five update versions will be marked with an "Ancient Save" warning.
  • The block meter is slightly smaller and scooted to the right.
  • Equipped shield durability is shown in the HUD.
  • Equipment rating gauges have been converted visually from a regular bar to a nugget-based bar.
  • More icons are described in the Icon Legend in the OS tab.
  • The 'day' count in the OS tab has been embiggened.
  • More of the map screen is unlocked by default now.
  • Brown and Yellow added to the icon customizer color array.
  • A few additional icons added to the storage and trail marker icon customizers.
  • Adjusted the storage interface for reasons.
  • Adding 'analyzed' status to storage interface.
  • Contrast adjustments to the Ghostmint SCA.B flavor.
  • High Contrast SCA.B flavor applies a dark backing to the HUD SCA.B.
  • Bringing your teen back from the hunger or thirst danger zones will cause SCA.B to play a happy sound.


  • Interacting with a dropped backpack will now instantly do a loot-all action. If any items are still leftover because your inventory is full, then the dropped back UI will open.
  • Removed the pre-placed zipline anchors from the paint can and the oak tree lamp.
  • Thistle plants have been reworked
    • Thorns are now harvested directly instead of requiring a hit with an axe.
    • Each thistle plant no longer provides an infinite amount of thorns
    • Thorns respawn on the thistle plant after a set amount of time


  • Building placement is no longer allowed while gliding, zipping, or in combat.
  • Pebblet Foundations now require more pebblets than clay to build.
  • Sap Dripper has been overhauled:
    • A final mesh has been created.
    • The recipe has been changed to match the new mesh.
    • Sap Dripper is now properly considered a wall-mounted building for placement purposes.
    • Placement should be a lot more lenient, allowing easier and more consistent placing.
    • Item will now spawn 1 sap every 5 hours and can hold up to 5 sap in total (previously spawned 1 sap every 24 hours).


  • Berry Chunks can now be dried into berry leather on the Jerky Rack.


  • Larva will now explore a larger area of the backyard.
  • Larva can now burrow.
  • Creatures now take much longer to fully regen when out of combat.
  • Gnats should be less interested in spamming the player with boops.


Bug Fixes - All Platforms

Top Community Issues

  • Fixed Fireflies not flying down to the yard correctly after loading a game.
  • The game will no longer lag when placing or removing buildings on saves with huge numbers of buildings.
  • Grid buildings can no longer be placed entirely under the terrain.
  • Fixed save game screenshots sometimes looking corrupt.
  • Fixed "Toggle Crouch" option sometimes not saving and taking effect.


  • Land-only buildings can no longer be placed on water in certain situations
  • Buildings such as Fences and Ramps will no longer snap strangely to subsequent buildings
  • The underside of a Buoyant Foundation can no longer support other structures.
  • Palisades will no longer be invalid when placed on some rock surfaces.
  • Diagonal walls at 90-degree angles will now support each other.
  • Walls will no longer randomly lose crenellations when loading a save.
  • Fixed a few cases where snapped structures might be incorrectly detected as invalid.
  • BURG.L Quest UI will load correctly for clients when they are the first player to access it.
  • CPU / Networking performance improvements by the flooded sprinkler area.
  • Multiple overlapping gas hazards no longer stack their damage.
  • Removing the 'O' binding from the inventory screen that opened the deprecated inspection popup.


  • Feathers and Hedge Berries will no longer occasionally disappear when loading a save.
  • Ziplines will no longer block flying creatures.
  • Sap Catchers can no longer be placed on Buoyant Foundations.
  • Fixed consumed items not showing up on your character model in the inventory screen.
  • Fin Flops+ now behave properly when dropped from the player's inventory.


  • Fixed several cases where mosquitos would sleep in incorrect locations.
  • Flying creatures are now much less shy about flying through the grass.
  • Creatures will now wake up when damaged by hazards.
  • Creatures properly fade out at far distances for clients now.   
  • TAYZ.T's in the pond lab will be more aware of their surroundings.
  • Fixed sleeping creatures teleporting on clients after they've been woken up (most visible if you wake up a Wolf Spider from sleeping).
  • Reduced the annoyingness of gnats.    


  • The camera will no longer start in first-person when loading a save in which the player was gliding or zipping.
  • "Inventory Full" will no longer be misleadingly displayed when trying to haul an item while swimming.
  • Fixed some scrolling and display issues in the "Recipes Used In" section on the Crafting screen.


  • 'Theft in progress' SFX played upon opening the UI while in combat has been replaced new SFX.
  • SCA.B crying about hunger and thirst will play a specific sound for each instead of either for both.

Bug Fixes - Xbox Platforms

  • Fixed audio issues after suspend / resume.

Bug Fixes - Steam Platform

  • Logging into an Xbox Live account that was previously logged into with a different Steam account will no longer fail the login step. 
  • Removed HDR tab from the Options screen.

Bug Fixes - Windows Store Platform

  • When there is a new update available, the game will properly tell you when trying to access Multiplayer instead of presenting a generic "Multiplayer Error" message.
  • Removed HDR tab from the Options screen.

Ominent Practical Technologies

  • Due to the recent discovery of [REMOVED], [WITHHELD] has been updated accordingly. 
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0.7.0 Public Test - 2911 to 2915 Changes (Only noticeable across Public Test Builds)

Changes / Tuning

  • Wall- and ceiling-mounted buildings can now be placed from further away.
  • All leaves and branches should be "Buildable".

Bug Fixes - All Platforms

  • Fixed Building Placement controls not acting reliably on gamepad.
  • The player will no longer teleport if standing on a building when it's relocated.
  • Fixed the recipe unlocks for all flying creature head mount trophies.
  • Fixed the recipe unlock for Acorn Spiral Stairs.
  • Buildings will no longer fail to relocate on clients when relocated off of another building.
  • Sap Catcher no longer overlaps the player during placement.
  • Shinobi Sneeze has updated audio, VFX, animation, and item icon.
  • Fixed burrowed larva creature size being too small.
  • Fixing a tab clicking issue on the Options screen.
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0.7.0 Public Test - 2917 to 2923 Changes (Only noticeable across Public Test Builds)

Bug Fixes - All Platforms

  • Player characters should no longer be invisible on respawn.
  • You can now hold to eat mushrooms that haven't been picked.
  • The old Armor Glue recipes should be removed from the crafting list.
  • Removed the "Hold" text for the items you can tap to pick up and hold to quick consume.
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