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there are too many feathers and their use is limited, I rarely use the bow and when I do it's for berries rather than fighting so normal arrows function just as well. on top of this the bed is just a novelty and aside from the archer cap the feathers have no purpose so I end up just leaving them to pile up. this makes them somewhat of a nuisance when traversing the backyard. as such I have an idea, instead 9f letting them pile up infinitely you could place a hard limit on the amount of feathers allowed to exist at one time maybe 100 or so and if the player is collecting them that limit could be raised until they stop collecting for a while. maybe it could be limited by area such as around the oak tree there could be 20 max and around the weird device there could be 40 or so. this would help with clutter and make them more tolerable (of course also add more uses to them maybe you could make a more efficient glider or a glider that can carry you for a longer distance)

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