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List of Bugs(heh) and QOL I Noticed.

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- At one point players who joined my game couldn't retrieve their bags after they died.  Whenever they went towards their bags the distance marker increased (to 300+cm when they were right on top of the bag).  They also could not actually see or interact with the bag.  I, the host, could see the bags, but of course could not interact with them since the game considered that stealing.   We did come up with a workaround where we had that player log out so I could get their stuff back for them (it's apparently not considered stealing if they aren't logged in).

- I've noticed that if I click and drag an item to drop it I lose the ability to use the keyboard in my inventory screen.  This forces me to click on the close button instead of being able to hit Esc to leave the inventory screen as well as being unable to press R to repair or Space to use an item.  This persists until I completely close out and re-open the game.



- When gear you're wearing breaks and your inventory is full, it automatically falls to the ground and becomes extremely hard to find (especially once kicked around because you're mid-combat).  If it could stay equipped, but be unusable/offer no bonuses that would be preferable.

- Please, for my sanity, let me remove pre-constructed objects that are clipped through the ground.  I've done a terrible thing and they need to go.


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