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Pets, Stilts, Random Events

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Things i would love to see:

Pets: Being able to tame an ant or a weevil and them being able to attack mobs that are hostile to you! 

Stilts: If we’re building on land i would love to raise our buildings and to access it with a ladder or something

Random Events: Imagine randomly having a dog/cat run through the garden or a human going gardening. 

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Pets are on the devs to do list with the first wave being aphids which depending on the devs plans can be used to farm honeydew more consistently as well as possibly being natural danger warnings as they get spooked by everything.

The scaffolding is probably the closest thing to stilts we will get the one thing id like back is building in water as it would be cool to make the scaffolding represent island hut style designs.

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As a solo player, pet taming would be a nice asset, for something to take hits if I decide to go the Bow/Arrow, Fists, Dagger route. Otherwise I spend too much time trying to cheese the kills. 

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