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xbox one issues as of 1/25/21

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still finding bugs spawning under the map, sap catchers only give one sap, repair tool isnt working, grass wont respawn if you chop down the stump, the larger breakable pebbles arent respawning, the wire cable used to climb one of the lasers (the one with the scab on it) has me fall through it, i was once able to have a slanted rooftop above stair cases but am now no longer able to fit under them.

if anyone else is seeing these things or more i would love to know im not alone. also im running version idk if thatll help the devs

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On 1/25/2021 at 5:35 PM, Rayman615 said:

The sap catchers have always only given one sap at a time so you need to collect the sap that is there before another will spawn.

The grass should regenerate there probably is two seperate regeneration timers depending on if you cut the stalk and root or just the stalks.

its my understanding that the sap catchers werent intended to only give one sap at a time. it wouldnt make sense to include them in the game if it wasnt going to make collecting sap more efficiently. the very first sap catcher i ever created gave me 11 sap when i first collected and since then sap catchers have only ever given me the one. on the other hand, its been at least 5 to 6 in game days and the grass still has not grown back.

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