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Ease of Life Suggestions

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  • Railings for stairs
  • Ability to build into water (i.e. build steps into water)
  • "Craft all available" option for crude rope, bug rubber, etc...
  • Clothing and character customization at the beginning of the game (I understand the game has a storyline, but we never see any artifacts that show photos of the children so it would be nice to be able to choose what we look like)
  • My team is having issues with inventory and trait retention;┬áthere have been several occasions where they've loaded in and all of their character work/inventory is erased, so I had to load an earlier save file to fix the issue
  • Archways! Doors can get cumbersome so open/close inside the base and leaving the area blank is not aesthetically pleasing
  • Ladders; stairs take up so much space when you're trying to build upwards and having to put trampolines every 3 floors wastes resources
  • More ability to build 'into' things; its random how you can build into certain things like rocks but then you can't build into juice boxes or whatever else
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