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[REQUEST] "Memorized Recipes" Menu of Smoothie Station Display the Actual Ingredients

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I am requesting that the "Memorized Recipes" section of the smoothie menu actually list the recipe ingredients. Currently, the "memorized recipes" only lists the recipes discovered, but doesn't tell me what the ingredients for those recipes are. If I don't have the correct ingredients in my inventory, I am naturally unable to make the recipe. Since it does not show me the required ingredients however, I do not know what ingredients to go find and collect. Maybe my in-game Avatar remembers the recipe, but the real me does not. This creates a immersion-disconnect. 

This is a pretty significant quality of gameplay issue that would hopefully be fairly simple to solve. Thanks for listening! 

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Yes, I completely agree. You can easily consult them online, but breaks the immersion a bit. Also I pointed something in a different post that may help with experimenting more instead of looking recipes up (because the way it's done right now doesn't motivate experimentation even if the devs would like for us to do so):


The problem with experimenting in the smoothie station is that the risk/reward for experimenting is too high, so you end up looking it up online. I wouldn't look it up if that process was more gradual, like starting with one unlocked recipe, and maybe a bunch of unknown recipes that may share an ingredient, or have an ingredient thematically similar, so you have a bunch of unknown recipes with only one ingredient listed (prioritizing the most expensive ones, so you are sure that that ingredient is in fact an ingredient and you are not wasting your time).

That way the number of permutations is not so overwhelming and it's actually more fun to try them than to look them up.

Also having a perk/mutation that gives you something (like extended duration of smoothies) if you try recipes (maybe only when you have 2 of the 3 ingredients right) but not when you do them well, would motivate me to try stuff. I think that we as players only look stuff up if the process is not fun. Loosing a bunch of hard to get spider fangs or spider poison trying recipes is too frustrating and is not fun, so it's not going to happen.


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