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Priests need a few levels to really take off. The following one also does some nice melee damage (for a priest).

Priest of Berath "St. Gangrene":

Race: Coastal Aumaua or Mountain Dwarf or Human 

MIG: ++, CON: - , DEX: + , PER: +, INT: + RES: --

One point here and there doesn't matter, you don't need to minmax the heck out of this - I would max out Might though.

Talents (not in that order necessarily): Veteran's Recovery, Inspiring Radiance, Aggrandizing Radiance, Weapon Focus Soldier, the Pallid Hand, Runner's Wounding Shot, Two-Handed Style, Savage Attack 

special Spells: Devotions, Champions Boon on self or Minor Avatar 

Items: everything that raises MIG and stacks. So Maegfolc skull is your goal for headgear for example. Also all story bonuses you can get (Gift from the Machine, Blood pool etc.). Then DEX stuff, then PER. Girdle of the Driving Wave is fun to give your Priest more melee options but of course Belt of the Royal Deadfire Cannoneer is also cool. 

Weapon: Tidefall!

Tidefall has an enchantment named "wounding" which is very powerful to begin with and also scales with Might. Priests can get very high Might. Also the high Might helps with damaging spells and with healing. Holy Radiance with perfect disposition scaling, high level and high might can one-shot most vessels. 

When you reach 40 MIG your wounding lash on Tidefall will not only do 25% as raw but instead 47.5% of your initial damage. This is great melee damage because the Wounding lash is a multiplicative dmg boost. Also wounding stacks with itself in the enemy. So you can deliver some nasty swings while buffed up. But also your spell dmg and healing power will be great. Don't forget to put another lash (for example Corrosive lash) on the weapon.

Play him like a Rogue - meaning: don't run towards enemies like Leeroy Jenkins but instead wait for your tank to engage and  then flank the enemies - maybe after buffing up you and the party first. That way you don't get downed so much (Priests are a bit squishy after all). 

You can combine Wounding with Cleansing Flames which will double the ticks of wounding. When you combine Runner's Wounding Shot with Cleansing Flame you can down even though foes very quickly.

This guy needs some levels to rock. You can get Tidefall rel. early if you have 10 mechanics. Before that use the Great Swords "Justice".  










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