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Serious game issues on client side for multiplayer

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Since my last post I purchased an xbsx to replace my xb1 and thought that would solve all of my multiplayer issues but not so much. 

I host a game on my pc and my wife joins on the xbsx (same home network). After a couple of hours playing the client:

  • All of a sudden can't see my character on her screen
  • The zipline sound randomly goes on and off
  • Items in inventory disappear when trying to put them in the chest
  • Can't eat or drink in 3rd person
  • Chops grass and weeds but only the sound can be heard. Screen does not show grass or weed falling. Same goes for fighting bugs. Clients screen doesn't show the arm swinging or the bug taking damage meanwhile everything appears just fine from host pov
  • Things only seem to kinda work only when in 1st person on client side

I thought it might be an issue with the pc so I signed out of my Game Pass profile on pc and signed on with hers. I then signed on xbsx with my profile. I hosted the sync'd save file on the xbsx and joined with the pc and all of the same issues were there - just in reverse. They seemed to only effect her profile. I verified this issue is not limited to the hardware. This is very frustrating because the game is fun when multiplayer works but these issues are too frequent. I bought my two kids gaming laptops for xmas and we had a good time playing a couple of weeks ago but now I'm losing hope with this game. I have COX gigablast internet with verified speeds 800+dn/40+ up all ran through an Asus AC5300 router. xbsx is wired and pc is wifi. Please let me know if there's a solution because I don't want to start a new game from scratch a third time.


MY PC - i9 9900k/RTX 2070/32GB RAM  ................. BOTH OF MY KID'S LAPTOPS: i7 10750h/RTX 2070/16GB RAM ---- we all play the game through microsoft game pass on separate accounts

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