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the ones who walk away from gorgon

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ok here i am again.

uninstalled all of the outer worlds, deleted all files from the outer worlds.
Started all over again, did all the quests again so I could go to Gorgon, and again I have the same problem as with the 3 previous characters I played with, I can't get that preserved eye out of the safe

So this is no fun to play anymore, because I just can't continue playing

Is there really no one who knows a solution?
There are several who have the same problem and cannot progress because of this.

I really hope that someone knows a solution, otherwise I think it would be a waste of my money for a game that I cannot finish.

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Yes - I have the same feeling. I was happy with the game and so bought the DLC for 15 euro - and now I thing a made a hugh mistake as already the first quest is stuck. I found 3 questions about it here - in the steam discussusion the same bug are noticed - without ANY reply from the devs. Not the best way for a customer relationsship...


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what is this forum for? and where can we then post our questions.
you would if you were on this forum for questions about the outer world, you would still expect someone to know a solution, because what is the forum for then?
I have already put these comments in steam, but no one responds or comes up with a possible solution.
it is not fun to play when you get stuck with the main quest right away.
and if others have the same problem and can't move forward it really isn't worth the money

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