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  1. I am playing also on pc but I don't see the appartments, but I am on the lower entrance of OCI, and I see there the device for the preserved eye, but I can't get further with the quest because I didn't get the eye
  2. the preserved eye is also in the safe, and yes I got a key from her but I can get any further with the quest, can get in none of the buildings
  3. is there no one who knows an answer or solution to this problem? I'm not the only one who can't continue with the questline because of this?
  4. I got nothing from Lucky's safe, nothing at all, and I am now also getting stuck and not getting any further with the quest. have restarted the game up to 3x and so no stuff from Lucky's safe until 3x
  5. and why is obsidian not doing anything about it? if so many people don't get that preserved eye, can't anyone get any further in the game? to start a new game every time and then get stuck on that eye is not really fun. have already started over 3 times and stuck 3 times because I don't get a preserved eye
  6. I get stuck at the quest: the ones who walk away from gorgon, I pick up the file from Lucky his desk and open the safe but I don't get a preserved eyeball. tried this with 3 different characters but I keep getting stuck at the safe. has anyone seen this before? and what was the solution? because now I can't continue with the quest or side quests (I play it on pc via Steam)
  7. I didn't finished the main game, I only need to go tho tartaris but instead I went to gorgon. but now I am stuck because I don't get the preserved eye from lucky's safe
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