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How to make sure I'm facing the toughest encounters?¿

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Hi all!

Started the game in hard, then I dunno but it kinda became too easy at some point and I used IEmod to change setting into PotD, and also used the command ToggleScaler setting the following: PX1_HIGH_LEVEL, ACT4_HIGH_LEVEL, ELMSHORE_HIGH_LEVEL, PX2_HIGH_LEVEL
Does that mean all encounters are at the highest possible challenge? Or just mean the game tries to scale for my current party level?? Is there a way to ensure all encounters will be at their most difficult?

Just went through Cliaban Rilag and the 3 areas were so easy, worried I might be doing something wrong, I remember this game was harder when I tried it long ago. I'm at the point I must return to Defiance Bay and report to Lady Webb to then have her and the Duc killed.
Anyway, party is currently at lvl 9 (increased xp required to level by an extra 25% in IEmod) and did most quests possible until this point. Only things I did 'extra' was going into Caed Nua dungeons at around Depth 7 and WM1 to recruit Maneha/Devil of Caroc at around lvl 8. Galvinos shop was a bit hard but I was expecting it to be so much worse due to PotD and the scaler settings. I also tried to avoid most of WM1 content to save it for later.

Anyway, I would like to know if there is a way to ensure max difficulty at all possible encounters, thanks for any help with that! :)

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