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Feedback: obstructing “flora” leaves and debris

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First, I have to pre-empt this by saying I love the game.  Working on a 3 story house, adding an even higher tiered area on scaffolding beside it, and have farmed more than my share of dandelion twigs for a fully fortified base.

It’s incredible feeling self sufficient and then regularly hunting wolfies for parts just cuz.  Mostly solo as well, since I have few friends who play (Xbox user here)

My gripe then comes from the foliage that is indestructible.  The leaves, the fallen twigs.  I can’t get rid of them, and update after update, more leaves and such are added clipping through floors and walls of my base.  I have a large leaf protruding through the floor that wasn’t there when I laid the clay foundation.

Realistically I could build somewhere else, but I love what I have going so far. The game is in an ever evolving unfinished state.  But a tool that could remove this debris, or at least make a collision check to despawn it would be fantastic.  I don’t want to be able to build through logs, but small leaves should be easily handled so new additions won’t make my staircase inaccessible.

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I really love the game too, but agree with this "gripe". It's minor but it bothers me quite a bit to have these random dead leaves lying around & even inside my main base. Maybe it's just my mild OCD, but I so want to be able to sweep them up and dump them somewhere else so I have a clean "front yard".

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