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Hey everyone -- my favorite way to play is with a super-tank in the middle of the fight, controlling everything, which is why I like the Healing Wall build so much.  I also love paladins, for RP reasons.


I'm trying to brainstorm an Arcane Knight (Paladin/Wizard) tank (using Cadhu Scalth) that tries to control the battlefield. I've not used wizards much, so I'd appreciate advice on what wizard spells to use (or paladin abilities that are useful for control).


So far, the ideas I have are: (1) use Vaporous Grimoire and Rekvu's helmet for an extra cast per level and immunity to interrupts -- that takes care of the concern about being a melee caster; (2) drop Pull of Eora on myself to pull everyone to me. Other spells that seem useful for a control caster tank are: Ryngrim's Repulsive Visage (for debuffing), Thrust of Tattered Veils (to interrupt dangerous abilities); summon spells (though they compete with Pull of Eora for spell slots).


Any suggestions for other spells and/or tactics for this build idea? Maybe Arcane Dampener? Would Dimensional Shift be good for this character? I'm a bit worried that the large shield will hurt accuracy enough to make control spells that only fire once less effective (repulsive visage, chill fog, and pull of eora all pulse, as I recall).


Bonus question: how to write an AI routine (I have the expanded AI mod) that will use Thrust of Tattered Veils effectively to interrupt the most dangerous abilities? I rarely pay attention closely enough to notice what's coming up.



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