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I joined my Friend BigBoiDemon, after I joined in his game I was in sort of a "spectator mode" then i left his game because of the "spectator mode glitch" then I rejoined his game and all my items were GONE! I had all the maximum armor, equip and stuff... so I would really like to get my stuff back. :) There is a pic of my Old inventory


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Hey Luti Kobi! I'm sorry that you've experienced these two multiplayer bugs and that the game lost all of your inventory. Unfortunately, there isn't anything we can do on our end to get your equipment back. The only workaround we have for this issue is to store all of your gear in a chest that the host builds before you log out. I understand how frustrating this can be and please know that save stability is the team's top priority. 

Please feel free to report this bug and any other issues you run into during your time with Grounded. 

1. Platform (Xbox Console, PC Game Pass, PC Steam).
2. Multiplayer or Single Player Game (if multiplayer, can you let us know how many players in total in the game and their platforms if you know this)
3. Description of issue.
4. Last thing you did in the game before the issue occurred, if applicable.

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