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Would really like to see a Stem Post in the building/crafting option for decks and awnings

Gliders would be cool...possibly made from wings of butterflies or wasps

Dyes made from flower petals to change color textures of armor and weapons

Craft All Button

Be able to eat nectar, mushrooms, etc off the ground without the need to inventory it



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I'd like to add on to the dye idea with the ability to stain grass and sturdy structures. This includes grass roofs. Would not affect weed stems, only grass and clover leaves. You could make the dyes by crushing flower petals, and there could also be a new "mixing station" where you can mix your dies.

Code wise, this would involve adding a new "stain" layer to the grass and clover materials, with an uncolored variant of the default diffuse texture for it. There'd also need to be a color modifyer for the diffuse layer, which would copy the color values of the applied dye.

The mixer building would need to use a CMYK color wheel to replicate the behavior of a subtractive color scheme. The GUI would work by having 2 mixing slots that you can drag 2 colors to mix them. You'd want to have 5 different base dies (Cyan, Magnets, Yellow, Black, and White) as well as water from a canteen. Water would delute the dye, which would be useful for black dye, as black die is incredibly overpowering. Diluted dies are transparent, but mixing diluted dies with regular dies would restore opacity.

Mixing would yield two of the resulting mixture. You can put the resulting dyes back into the mixer to create a theoretically infinite spectrum of colors.

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