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Ok, before I asked and was looking for a team but I think I got a decent team going now that I am enjoying. Just looking for maybe better builds that optimize them a bit better with 5.0 builds.

Herald - my tank with healing
Pathfinder - Druid Shifter, I have one of the mods that updates the shifter tree with crazy passives to make them powerhouse DPS

Mindstalker - Ranged DPS/Control. Taking over my enemies one kiss at a time
Celebrant - BUFFS!!!! ranged heals and summons
Ravager - DPS, this guy is really the only guy I feel out of place but wanted another melee.

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Deathsmind, if you search through this forum you'll find a lot of posts on various builds, some of which are recent. As for celebrant, I am playing one now. I am going with a mountain dwarf, for the resistance to CON afflictions. With gear I'll have resistance to STR and DEX afflictions as well, and immunity to mind afflictions via Captain's Banquet food. My stats, if I remember correctly, are STR 18, CON 10, DEX 16, PER 20, INT 18, RES 8, with Berath's Blessings and Deadfire origin. I am using the skald/priest of magran subclasses. The idea is to be able to cast frequent offensive invocations (Her Revenge mainly, and Shield Cracks when needed) as well as buffs, healing spells and fire spells as needed. I dual wield Sasha's Singing Scimitar and Sun and Moon, which are great stat sticks for chanters and fire priests, respectively. Sun and Moon, with the two heads, give you more chances for crits and hence extra phrases. You will definitely want Firethrower's Gloves, Magran's Favor and the Ring of Focused Flame as well. It's a fun and very powerful build; the once per encounter empowered invocations made possible by Sasha's Singing Scimitar is really great. An empowered Her Revenge, possible as early as level 7, melts mobs, and an empowered O'Eld Nary is awesome as well.

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