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Any possibility of implementing turn based combat to PoE 1?

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I bought both PoE 1 and 2 with all expansions but wanted to play the first game before starting the second.  After playing just a few hours i find it's such a chore to keep pressing pause to issue commands and much prefer how the second game works.

So as title says...are you guys maybe going to implement turn based combat to your first game? Or is it just going to stay as is?

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I'm not Obsidian but I'm confident enough to say that it's going to stay as is. Last patch was several years ago. They will not throw any more time and/or money at it. The mod access to PoE is rather limited so I also would not expect any modder to be able to do this properly (with a reasonable amount of resources).

In the game options you can define auto-pausing. Maybe that can help you?

I prefer turn based myself but it didn't take too long to adapt to the RTwP system of PoE. I guess you can have fun if you give it some time.

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