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New Growing station

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Have you noticed the size of the berries and acorns? How large do you propose this Growing station should be in order to allow a plant that produces fruit of that size? 😉

However, growing grass could be nice for areas where there is none at all.

And maybe having grass fiber turn into dry grass after a couple of days would be a nice addition as well for areas without that.

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As other said grass can be understandable, but for berries and acorn I don't think it would work.

First of all I can't imagine how they could grow, obviusly you can't grow a tree or a hedge, those things are huge compared to you, but even if the berry/acorn would grow out of nowhere they'd take so much space, having a garden big enough that it make acutally sense to have would take so much space. It would just be more efficient to farm these resources where they spawn.

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