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The problem with smoothies

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I think there's a big for improvement here, the first problem is "smoothies?". This item gives an instant heal, has a very low "cooldown" and can be made out of anything which makes it better than bandages, specially if you think bandages heal don't stack making spamming smoothies even stronger (the only good thing about bandages is that you can make them out in the wild on the go since you'll always find some sap and fibers). What about making "smoothies?" a risk to take since they are made out of random things? Basically consuming the item will replenish a bit of hunger and thirst and has a random effect that can be something like: heals 10-25% HP, poisons you, damage you 1-10% HP, or you give you a random smoothie buff.

The second problem with smoothies is how you discover them: just putting random items in the smoothies station untill you get the right combination isn't just boring and a waste of materials, but also very time consuming since the chances of you randomly discovering a smoothie is very low (we don't even need to do the math tbh). What about buying the recipes from BURG.L for raw sience or having to find them around the world in BURG.L Chip-like quests that tell you were to look for? Because I bet that most players just looked the recipes on the internet instead of spending hours wasting their material to try getting the right combination without even knowing what smoothie would they get.

The third problem is probably a bug? right now if I select a recipe in the smoothie station nothing happens unless I've got the materials to make that smoothie, which means I either need to remember all the recipes or I need too look on the internet. Just make the recipe page more usefull by showing the actual recipe under the recipe's name.

The fourth and last problem is CLARITY (which is a problem related to other aspects of the game). We don't know how strong the buff or how much it last without testing it properly. Can't we just have some numbers on the item description? maybe going over the effects icon with the mouse open a little pop-up with proper numbers. Also, having a little icon appear in the bottom left corner of the screen, to the right of our stats, that represent the buff we got from drinking the smoothie with a little clock that tells us how much it will last would really help. This is just a small quality of life improvement but it would really make smoothies mechanic more enjoyable.


(If I explained something bad just ask and I'll try to explain it better)

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