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Constant Freezing and Crashing

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I recently picked up this game and was excited to play it on Steam. When I first launched the game it was running fine through all the cutscenes, but once I actually had control of my character the game started crashing frequently. Sometimes I'm good for an hour or so, sometimes its instant. I've tried a variety of settings and I can't get it to run consistently. What happens is whenever I either load a new area (look left/right), or the game transitions in some way (cutscene or loading) it will freeze and audio will still keep playing. After a few moments the game will either crash to desktop, or I have to alt-tab and manually close through task manager. 


I7-7700k / GTX 2080ti / 32gb 3000mhz / Nvme ssd 

All the other games I play run fine like: GTAV, War Thunder, SW;S, BG3, COD:MW, PC2. 

Hopefully I can get some help, because this is ridiculous. 

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