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Biodome doors/cover reset to closed state after re-loading save

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When I played my save yesterday, I was able to activate the Biodome terminal and the cover of the 'fish bowl' did open up and work successfully. I also want to note, I forgot to get an image/video of it, however after I swapped the power mode to remote in the first part of the lab, the 2nd computer (that shows the 'Biodome terminal needs reset') never changed, and was still showing the 'Battery Backup' image. After swimming out and finding the hatch that lead into the dome portion, I was able to activate the Biodome terminal, and that computer changed to show the 'automode' and the covering of the fishbowl opened up to let me view the pond. I checked the 2nd terminal, and that was still showing the 'Battery backup' display and never changed.

Now, upon re-loading my save the next day, the doors for the Fish Bowl have closed, however the biodome terminal says it is still active, and the computer down below in the depths-portion states that the biodome terminal needs to be reset. 


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