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Companions Weapons damage

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so i already finished the game in november 2019.. ran into some bugs here and there... but nothing out of ordinary...

i decided yesterday to start a new run through... i noticed the following...

the starting pistol has  base damage of 20.  

If i equip the weapon:  i see 20.

if i equip it to parvati after i recruit her:   i see that she does 9 damage ?  thats like half of its base damage ....

am i missing something.... its like companions weapons damage is getting nerfed.... 



same goes to armor... whats is shown under details ( companion)... is different thaan the base value of the equipment...

a helmet with a AR of 7 is showing like 6.6667 for parvati... and it is showing 7 if i equip it


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I dunno, but on my current savegame the opposite happening. If i equip armor on my companions, the armor's stats is getting boosted. For example armor which has 49 AR in inventory, will have 59 AR when being equipped on companion. Also different armor getting different amount of boost. None of my companions has any +AR perks. So maybe we just have a case of some kind of auto-leveling mechanism tied to your char and npc char level, which scale armor/weapon to current level. In your case maybe you need to level up a bit.

Sorry for my bag English.  :dancing:

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