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Doing an iroll20s-enabled POTD run with a console-hacked MC for fun. He's a single-class human Evoker with stats:

MIG: 19
CON: 1
DEX: 18
PER: 18
INT: 18
RES: 1

FECKLESS: No Fighting Spirit racial bonus
MAMA'S BOY: Woedica's Soul Power passive (+1 all power levels)
BOOTLEG KENSAI: Fighter's Devoted passive: (only 1 proficiency, +2 PEN, +25% crit, etc..)
KINKY: Cannot wear anything on the body, but boots/gloves/accessories are OK.
ILLITERATE SAVANT: Unable to equip Grimoires in the normal fashion, but is able to permanently learn Evoker-compatible Grimoire-Unique spells (Arcane Assault, Shadowflame, etc..) once that Grimoire has been obtained.
SKYWALKER: Has Helwalker passive trait and Wounds trait (gains wounds and might, suffers more damage with wounds, but no monk abilities to use wounds on).
PICKY EATER: Can only eat Taar Loaf.


Can anyone suggest a interesting trait that would weaken him (something that could be role-played or done with the console). 

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The Mage Slayer's passive that prevents the usage of potions and scrolls?

Fits "picky eater" and "illiterate".

Don't know if one can separate this from the arcane resistance though.

Cowardice from Debonaire

Tactical Dilemma from Tactician


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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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