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I posted this before but don't see it in list of outstanding issues. I've seen others post about this too. Playing on xbox.

I found the burg.l chip next to the paint can earlier in the game release and turned it in. Now that there is a quest for it and the pebblet foundation unlocks tied to the chip, I can't collect the chip to finish the quest or get the unlocked foundation items. If I start a new game the chip is there. I've been playing since day 1... I don't want to start over with over 100 hours into this.

Can a piece of code be written that sees if the burg.l chip was previously found and unlocks the quest and the foundation items? This would help a lot for those of us that found this chip prior to the new content release.

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Thanks for letting us know about this issue with BURG.L's quest not completing retroactively. The team is aware of this issue, and it will be addressed in an upcoming patch. However, I can't say for sure if it will apply to games retroactively. We'll have more information when a patch that fixes that issue comes out. 

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