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(Xbox One) Losing save files

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Am I the only one having issues with loading cloud saves on Xbox One?

I have a few issues I would like to address:

1) As of right now, the game preview is currently unplayable for me due to the fact that I cant even load a cloud saved game. I have really high hopes for this game, so I am going to stick it out, but PLEASE fix this! I would love to try some of the new features available to me!

2) I think this issue had to do with the hedge lab and new campaign missions. I fully completed all the steps to divert the power, I tried saving after completing said steps, it said I was successful at saving, and then the save file was, then on, never available to me. That's when the cloud save issue started happening.

Any further updates would be greatly appreciated! 

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I second this. I could save my progress all the way up until I completed the hedge lab quest "jungle temple." I posted about this few days ago. Now whenever I load an old save that still loads and try to save the game and attempt to load that new save, the game just crashes before it loads the save. I did get one of them to load one time but then realized all my progress was reset to day 0... I still have a good save up until this started so hopefully they'll fix this soon. Haven't been able to play since Tuesday this week because of this.

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Sorry, both of you are running into this issue with save files. Does the game have any trouble loading a new save? It is possible that if your saves are before 0.3.0 that they may be invalid and no longer work with the current build. If that does happen to include your saves, I apologize for the inconvenience and frustration. I've taken part in a few early access titles, and losing progress is by far one of the worst issues to deal with. 

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