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New Update Major Issue (Wrong Forum)

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Playing multiplayer on xbox one s with 1 other person playing on xbox one. After the update today september 30, 2020 game freezes when either of the 2 of us go to place an item under "base building". Tested 5 times. 3 times on one save game froze when pressing A on any structure IN the crafting menu. 2 times on a completely new save game did not freeze IN the crafting menu but froze when pressing X to place a structure outside of the menu.

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Wrong Forum
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I have this issue as well. Its on Obsidians issue tracker. Trying to place anything in the base building tab will freeze the game. Its happening on both PC and Xbox but does not seam to matter how many player are in the game. I tried solo and it happens in both survival and in a "new" creative mode game.

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