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Allow access to DLC when last save game is on Tartorus

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For those of us who have completed the game and don't have a save game prior to Tartorus, other than starting Outer World's from the beginning, there is no way to play the DLC.

Can you please provide a patch to enable us to play if from here (I know I am not alone here....)

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the devs don't care, because they have the opinion, it is THEIR GAME, and so we have  to do what they want ...
they have done that arrogant DLC policy behavior already in their other games, so it will not happen ...

we will have to wait, if someone will provide a mod, like it was in the other games, for a solution !
And because they already have our money, they don't care ,
we should get lost and they will keep their arrogance to design worthless DLCs , which shows,
they have been ripped out later from the full game, to sell them again, because why the hell to develop always DLCs,
which are in the middle of the game and don't continue the story ?
We already have finished the game, after 1 year and don't have alzheimer , that we have forgotten the story !
IT IS BORING AF TO PLAY IT AGAIN, and they don't understand that ... 

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Yup, I know what you mean. 

At least with the likes of Fallout and its DLC like Nuka-world or Far Harbour you could access anytime, switching between base game and DLC. This Outer Worlds DLC looks like it was a half-assed attempt at squeezing a bit more cash out of the game - Truly stunning that Obsidian think this approach is acceptable. 

Easy solution - I won't be buying any more DLC's (well done Obsidian 👍 awesome Business strategy ) 

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Here once again, that Information ...



now. after the second DLC there is exact that option , the game asks you, if it should prepare your LAST SAVE, that you could use the DLCs.
THAT is how it should be done,
so THANK YOU to the devs from all, who only had one last save game at the wrong position.

I really hope, that is now the way, how it will be always done !

and you just have won a loyal customer back !
PS: Also haven't played until now the first DLC

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