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Public Test Patch Notes for Update 0.3.0


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New Features 

  • The Hedge has been revamped with new content
  • New Building: Zip-lines
  • New Building: Spinning Wheel
  • New Building: Signs
  • New World Landmark: Frankenline
  • Halloween Additions: Jack-o-Lantern landmark, Candy Corn food item
  • Localization for French, German, Spanish, Italian
  • New spider webs that stick to unsuspecting players and critters.

Changes/Game Tuning 

  • UE4 Version Upgrade


  • Ant Soldiers have a set of new attacks
  • Ant Soldiers now deal more damage with their attacks
  • TAYZ.Ts now deal much more damage with their attacks
  • Most armors now block more damage
  • All weapons have had their damage, stamina cost, and durability adjusted to fit a stricter Tier-based curve
  • Bombardier Beetle burning hazards and Stink Bug gas hazards are now much deadlier
  • Bombardier Beetle attacks deal less initial damage (end result should be about the same combined with hazard damage change)
  • Fresh Defense perk now blocks twice as much gas and burning damage
  • Reliable Friend perk now boosts revive speed by roughly double the amount 


  • Processing buildings such as the Campfire now show the progress of each item in the interface, and allow items to be canceled
  • The Recycle Building interface now shows how many structures will collapse if the target building is Recycled
  • Contextual slurping text lets you know what you're going to taste
  • Additional icon art
  • The Interact UI will no longer briefly appear enabled when looking at a disabled interaction
  • Clearer labeling of game modes/type in save/load UIs 
  • Game no longer asks to overwrite a save if you are not able to currently save the game


  • New perks to discover and unlock
  • New color themes to discover and unlock
  • Stumps left behind no longer prevent foliage from respawning
  • Grass will not respawn if the stump is removed
  • Ants now have a desire to take back their stolen eggs
  • Ant eggs can now hatch even after being moved by the player (but not while in an inventory)
  • Ant eggs no longer stack in the inventory
  • Larva wander range is now much smaller during the day
  • Mushrooms in the world now take much longer to grow back
  • Meats now take much longer to spoil
  • SCA.Bs that have been moved since prior patches will reflect those moves in older saves
  • Mint chunks in the Mint container should no longer spawn on top of the container


  • Structural buildings are now fully allowed to overlap with any static environment object
  • Blueprint buildings in the air cannot be completed unless a supporting building has been completed. This prevents situations where large structures would collapse because they were technically unsupported
  • Buildings can no longer be built inside of tables
  • Buildings can be placed more easily on the pond flagstones now
  • Mushroom Garden spawn timer will now start when the building is built instead of when it is placed
  • Smoke from torches, wall sconces, and campfires should now rarely penetrate floors/ceilings
  • Plank/Log Storage deposit sound effects now play on clients
  • The player will no longer play canteen animations when building a Water Container with a canteen in hand
  • Clay foundation now has double the health
  • Pebblet foundation now has less health, but still more than clay 


  • Most recipes that require spiderweb have been refactored to use a processed spider web obtainable via the new Spinning Wheel instead


  • Improved CPU performance of large bases and structures


  • Additional water caustic effects
  • Bird feathers now float in water
  • Weed stems now float in water
  • The "Drop" control can now be rebound
  • The "Swim Up" and "Swim Down" control bindings are allowed to overlap with other controls that cannot be used while swimming 

Bug Fixes - All Platforms
Top Community Issues

  • Free buildings attached to player-built structures will no longer become out-of-position for clients
  • The game will no longer crash in some specific cases when demolishing a plank or log storage building 


  • Alchemist BURG.L Quests will complete when accepted if the player has already analyzed the target item
  • Kill based perks now only track kills on enemies


  • Berry Chunks will no longer inflate themselves when subjected to a strong impact while lying on the ground
  • Traps can no longer be triggered for a few seconds after destruction
  • Traps can no longer be triggered by the 3rd-person camera
  • Tropicop juice droplets should now correctly spawn from the straw of the juice box instead of from the base
  • Bombardier Head Trophy should now be much easier to place


  • Building ingredients will no longer remaining floating in the air when large structures collapse while no player is nearby
  • Got rid of a small bump in collision while walking up and down player built stairs
  • Bombardier Beetle now plays a sleep animation while sleeping instead of playing the stunned animation


  • Various camera animation adjustments were made to reduce the camera clipping into objects and the player's body


  • Buildings no longer create noise events immediately after loading a saved game
  • Chatter audio is now attached to the player character and should sound better when moving

Ominent Practical Technologies 

  • Removed [REDACTED]
  • Added [REDACTED] 



To report any issues you come across while playing this public test build of the game, please search this section of the forums first to see if your particular issue has been reported. If it has, please add your information to that thread. If it has not already been reported, please make a new thread to share what you have found following the guidelines here.

It is important that you search for reported issues FIRST before making a new thread, as this helps us keep better track of what is being reported and how many players are being affected.

Thank you for your assistance, and have fun out in the public test backyard!

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Updated Changes / Tuning - Version


  • Trying out new combat AI to reduce the effectiveness of circle strafing



  • Juice boxes stop spawning juice if a previously spawned droplet is still sitting in the world


Bug Fixes - All Platforms

  • Ants will no longer spawn in excessively large quantities
  • Fixed issue with encounters not respawning creatures if they fell through the world in a prior save
  • Hiding Interact prompt "E" or "X" when looking at a Locked / Stuck door


0.3.0 Public Test - to Changes 

  • Fixed issue preventing multiplayer games
  • Fixed Spinning Wheel UI not updating correctly on clients
  • Fixed Spinning Wheel UI sometimes showing the wrong item
  • Looting items in the Spinning Wheel UI will remove them from the world
  • Fixed issue with player camera returning inside their head if you opened the BURG.L Quest UI while in third person mode
  • Reduced web rope cost on zipline anchors to 1
  • Adjusted grass near Frankenline so it doesn't block the screen
  • Lowered the draw speed on Frankenline
  • Pressing Interact while drawing on Frankenline will exit the draw mode
  • You can now run backwards at full speed on Frankenline
  • Added Icons: arrows, password fragments, candy corn, water flea meat
  • Additional Hedge and Hedge Lab prop / creature placement
  • Web Sacs have 50% less health, loot pass adjustment
  • Players cannot finish a zipline if either anchor is not finished
  • Fixed connected ziplines not being removed when anchor blueprints were canceled
  • Swap to third person when the player gets stuck in a web
  • Fixing timestamp on save games to match time zone
  • Adding narrative notes into the Hedge Lab
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Updated Changes / Tuning - Version


  • Added Harvest VFX to Hedgeberry

0.3.0 Public Test - 2416 to 2421 Changes 

  • Added drawing cursor to Frankenline
  • Added audio to Frankenline buttons
  • Frankenline art now glows in the dark
  • Frankenline Color Zap button reflects the draw color now
  • Adjusted player stance on Frankenline knob
  • Added "Landmark" unlock for Frankenline
  • Hiding HUD and showing controls UI while drawing on Frankenline
  • Fixed Evil Weevils not exploding
  • Updated Hedge Terminal lock screen status
  • Lowering drop chance for loot on web sacs
  • Fixed ant colony crash when loading a save from 2416
  • Added VFX for web sac harvesting
  • Added VFX for candy corn harvesting
  • Additional audio pass in Hedge
  • Removed "munch" SFX when crafting
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