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Did Peril on Gorgon kill solo builds?

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Someone let me know if they can figure out a way to make up the difference in Companion bonuses/Inspiration 60 without having to constantly respec.  Lone Master is a terrible joke of a perk and requires locking yourself off from some of the best content in the game just to get a semi-decent boost that mostly doesn't help at the full 10 points per skill and is just outright insultingly useless otherwise due to the heavily over-tuned 150 skill check adjustments.  Flaws don't help here as a ton of them actively reduce skills further, and other than Lone Master and Soliloquy perks don't actually help with the new absurd skill checks and even they're far too weak compared to the inflated caps and checks.

Feels like the new 150 caps would have been much better as a gameplay novelty for people that truly wanted incentive to specialize, while skill checks should have been left capped at 100 to further reflect the way NPCs constantly talk about how exceptional the Player Character is.  Now to get through Brave New World "peacefully" I basically have to give up all combat capability or bring my companions (and if I was stupid enough to actually want the full Lone Master perk that wouldn't even be an option).  The way skill groups increase together to the 50 softcap has been reduced from a fun new accessibility approach to the only reason the new DLC skill updates are even semi-acceptable.  Obsidian went wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too far trying to solve a few loud people hating that specializing didn't actively lock a build out of having some viability outside of that specialization and gave nothing to help soften the blow.

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Meh, the only problem I have is the scaling of Lock Levels is just way too aggressive. I thought it was pretty silly to find a Lv. 150 lock in Cascadia at Lv. 16. I would literally be unable to unlock that door by myself without investing nearly all of my accumulated SP in to lockpicking by that point in the game.

Doors and terminals at the very least should cap at 100. (Don't really care about loot containers: there's already arguably too much loot in the game.)

That said, I don't really consider the investment itself to be much of an issue. You have 330 total skill points at cap. Having one Unlocking skill leaves you with 180 for other skills. That's at least two other decently leveled skills. (And the group competency system means you'll have usable secondary skills too.)

The Virtuoso perks, especially for combat skills, are hardly required to be viable in combat. Again, the issue is just super high level locks being too common.

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