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How about a quest type from BURG.L where you need to get to a specific location in The Backyard, in a specified time limit? Especially since once you do the Marker Quests, those quests are done forever/one shots.  With timed runs, you can replay them--over and over.  With pathing that takes the PC through guarded/patrolled areas making runs more challenging, ;)...

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i like it.  maybe a reward tier system.  Like if the time to complete was 1 minute to make it from the tree to flower pot (just throwing numbers and places out there), if you make it in 59 seconds or less you get gold and 500 RS,  1 min - 1:15 silver, 250 RS,  1:16+ Bronze, 100 RS.  

Have some easy have some moderate and some difficult,  rewards ramp up with the difficulty. 


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