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2 Xbox - 1 game - NOT EQUAL

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So, I have been having a LOT of issues with games saving and loading since I purchased this game 8/7/20.... 

I have 2 Xbox Ones. 1 is the 1st generation when they originally came out, and an xbox one x I purchased at christmas.  The xbox one x has different saved games.  The 1st generation has NO saved games.  I clear out the saved data that is on the 1st gen ONLY, it will download from the cloud but NO saves....  I did get one save, it was from 8/9/20.  I did get this save on the xbox one x but advanced and saved that game that was not there on the 1st gen. 

I go to the other room and get on the xbox one x and I have saved games.   Including the game save mentioned above with all the progress.  Why?  It's the same Xbox account... should be saving and pulling data from one place right?  Why are my games different or not saved at all from 2 different machines.  So when I go to play at a friends and log my account in, I have nothing again? 

So in short...  The 1st gen xbox one seems to have issues with saves still.... I cannot get the same game loaded from 2 different systems.  That sucks!  :(

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