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War Paint

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I guess 1 idea that goes along with the vibe of those cheesy 90s movies 2ith kids trying to tough things out. Is the introduction of crafting paint the players can apply as preset patterns on the characters.

But the idea is that going with the color of the flower petals, water, and grass. The player would be able to craft up paint without a workbench. And can apply a pattern learned from BurgL that can add temporary buffs for a set time.

This along with armor and mutations will really give players a ton of options to how they want to build out their characters.

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Have a co-worker that started playing, we were texting about ideas for the game and i brought this one up.  Neither of us could figure out how this would affect the insects.  They don't have a brain developed enough to be intimidated by face paint.  they're all instinct, no thought.  So I think the paint would be cool to have, but just cosmetic for fun, no buff

probably being to literal again 😛  just my 2¢


Xbox One X

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