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Biome Suggestions

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I had older posts that seemed to have been deleted when the forums were updated. One of these lists was in regards to additional areas that would be within the confines of the yard. As well as some more creatures. This time in this posts I will refrain from mentioning any of the things that seem to already be on the way. 


The Twilight- this is the dark dank area under the porch. The ways into it are either by falling between the cracks on the porch itself. Or through hidden tunnels. The twilight is far different than the outside. As NO light aside from the bioluminescence of a few mushrooms, fungal spores and creatures. Torch light becomes very valuable to the player. As this is not just how you see around you. It's also what wards the hungry blind predators from closing in on you. Once the light is out. So goes your spark of life.

Suggested insects would be- pill bugs, cellar centipedes, millipedes, mites, attic spiders

Hornet Nest- essentially it's an underground network of tunnels like the ant nest. But with a few hexagonal shaped cones in places which may hold eggs, grubs and stored food. It's dangerous trekking into the nest unprepared. This would be far more dangerous than the anthill. As hornets are incredibly territorial and tough.

Suggested insects would be- hornets and grubs. *figured hornets could use the same model as waps. Just reskin them with the black and yellow stripes.

Tree Top- as the name sounds. It is the upper branches of the oak tree itself. Climbing up is achieved by either scaling the trunk with clever crafting and platforming. Or by braving the treacherous insides. Leading to another hidden facility. Therefore, where 1 way is much shorter but more dangerous. The other may be a bit safer in some regards. But take much longer. Getting down is of course the easy part as you could glide down. But a dandelion tuft might not last the trip. Would be a good time for better gliders to be implemented.

Suggested insects would be-  gnats, wasps, bees 

Bee Hive- located among the branches of the oak. It's as easy to get in as a ant hill. Whereas the bees may ignore you until you try to take too much food/honey, eggs or harm any of them. Drones are not as easy going. But it's the best place to gather the most honey and bees wax.


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