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Add an option to cancel all non built blueprints please.

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I just finished my new base and somehow a building blueprint got placed under the ground. I dont remember when that item got placed or what it is but now I am stuck seeing a floating wrench at all times in the entrance to my base. It is rather annoying.

An option while in build mode to cancel all blueprints would be nice. This would also help people who build large set ups in blueprint mode then realize they need to move the whole thing. Just a quick "Hold X to remove blueprints" and any unfinished blueprints get removed from the map.

Please and thanks. I cant stand looking at my main base right now because of it. 

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also seems a very niche setting though, I mean...  right now the 'ctrl' placement is broken for my game (won't snap to foundations, etc, but into the air, and odd places) - but honestly just not trying to 'force' place things (with the buggy glitch that exists to place things the game normally says cannot be placed with it jittering back and forth) seems to stop all these things.


I get your frustration at this though, but yea sometimes you just gotta deal with glitches until early access polished late alpha games are finished.

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