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There is no general rule for that. It depends what your Arcane Archer wants to do. Which weapon(s) does he want to use for example? With AoE weapon like mortars you want high INT so that the AoE is big(ger). Will he focus on dealing damage (might want high MIG) or doing crowd control (no MIG needed, but high INT) and so on.

A little more info is needed. 

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Single class?

Little info: the imbued shots trigger their effect with every projectile jump (like from Driving Flight). So for example you shoot Imbue:Fireball and then you'll get a Fireball at the initial target and another Fireball at the enemy who's behind the first and gets hit by the Driving Flight arrow. If you use weapns that have a jump "build in" like Fire in the Hole or Watershaper's Focus you could trigger three Fireballs per shot (initial hit + Driving Flight + build in jump). Those are no bows - just for your information.

Great bows for Arcane Archers are Frostseeker and Essence Interrupter - because they give no Accuracy penalty even if you don't use imbued shots. I would recommend Essence Interrupter.  After the early game (with some Accuracy under the belt) you can use the modal of the Weapon Proficiency and fire the bow very rapidly (with less accuracy though). It's a great modal.

Another nice weapon for an Arcane Archer is Spearcaster (its bonus from Arcana stacks with the imbue-bonus from Arcana) - but that's and Arbalest and not a bow.

You should focus on DEX, PER and MIG, not too low INT and can have low RES and CON. Pick everything that gives Accuracy. Focus on only a few attack abilities. Imbue:missiles and Imbue:fireball sound tempting, but actually Imbue:web and Imbue:Eora are a lot better later in the game, especially with Driving Flight. With that combo you can immobilize and pull together a whole group of enemies for a long time and then shoot them undisturbed.



Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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