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Suggestion - Increase dropped object timer

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I feel like I have ALOT of dropped insect body parts in the yard.  I notice when I walk/run by and see a glimmer of a "bag" I run to it but that glimmer is really short.  Is there a way to either make that glimmer last longer or brighter?  

Maybe introduce an object we can make in the game like sunglasses that allow us to see all objects that we can pick up?

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+1 for this.  really annoys me when i shoot a bug full of arrows and kite it around, the first arrows sometimes lose their shine and can't be recovered by the time i get back to them.

happens a lot with items ants steal also.  numerous times i've come back to my base and hear my toon kick something that's been plucked from my storage that i didn't see.

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