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Do Citzal's Spirit Lance and Barbarian's Carnage stack?

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And how similar or different they are? Are the radius the same?


Edit: Also, Does Swift Flurry work with the Spirit Lance?

From here sounds like it does.


But from here sounds like it doesn't.


I'm confused.


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Carnage only gets triggered by the initial attack roll of the Lance. So it only gets triggered once per attack, no crazyness.

If you are looking for some AoE*AoE power you need to combine the Lance with Clear Out (Fighter).

Swift Flurry didn't work with the AoE hits of the Lance, then it did... don't know the current status 100%. It's worth testing again. But note that Swift Flurry will never redo a whole AoE attack but will only repeat that singular hit roll that it triggered off. So it's not supercrazy but might be nice nevertheless. 

Great stuff with the Lance are all attacks that do something special with the enemy, such as Mule Kick, Clear Out (the crazier the more enemies), Force of Anguish, Stunning Surge (high chance of refund, too), Crippling Strike and so on. That all works in an AoE then.

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Raw dmg from Soul Annihilation will get delivered to all enemies in the AoE, yes. But the mechanics are a little wonky. It seems the first target gets the normal raw damage, focus drops to 0 - the next one (in the AoE) gets no raw dmg (since focus is at 0) but generates focus again, the next after that gets a bit raw damage from the newly acquired focus and even generates more focus (it doesn't drop to 0 again but keeps filling), the next target refills focus even more and gets even more raw dmg and so on. The more enemies the better.

It's not likely that this is the intended behavior, but it works very well. Also focus generation vs. mobs is absolutely excellent as one might guess (since the AoE hits generate focus).

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7 hours ago, mangamancer said:

Do "attacks that do something special with the enemy" also work with carnage?

Generally no. Carnage was nerfed in comparison to PoE. It doesn't work as melee secondary attack that transports weapon effects anymore but instead works like a separate AoE raw dmg spell with center on the initial target.

But there are exceptions:

- Lord Darryn's Voulge's "Static Thunder" also applies to Carnage-hits.

- Spirit Frenzy also staggers foes who are hit by Carnage (Blood Frenzy doesn't because Carnage can never crit, only miss/graze/hit).

- Force of Anguish pushes the target into the Carnage AoE before the Carnage attack gets rolled. So the target receives the initial dmg from Force of Anguish, gets pushed back and gets hit by Carnage, too. It doesn't apply the push a second time but I find it quite nice that you can do Carnage+Force of Anguish damage to the same target with one single attack.

- Iirc Eternal Devotion (Paladin) puts a 10% burning lash on Carnage hits

- iirc Deltro's Cage Helmet add its shocking lash to Carnage...?

- Iirc Blood Ward (Furyshaper) also drains life from Carnage hits, maybe Old Siec (Chanter), too

- maybe there's more that I don't remember right now...



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