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REQUEST!! Pully / elevator system!!

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I dont have any major complaints about Grounded, its the best game since subnautica in its Respect, but when it comes to building my highways and sky bases around the map, i find myself getting over the Grind of Hauling!!! PLEASE, add some sort of pully / elevator system allowing us to pull material up from the ground! 

Love the game!! WELL DONE OBSIDIAN 🙌🏻

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like the other elevator posts i'm in with this one.

my idea on how this would work

  • Rope
    • made by combining woven fibers
  • Net
    • made by combining ropes and woven fibers
  • a floor
    • to place the pallet on, etc.
  • pulley
    • weed stems, twigs, and woven fibers

You'd put the pulley on a scaffold frame, attach the rope to the floor and up through the pulley.  net could be filled with pebblets to act as a counter weight to assist raising the load.  Could use a bug part to put in the pulley to lock it, so it didn't fall down or counter weight pull it up too high.

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Xbox One X

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