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No weed respawn

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12 hours ago, Chuchan said:

Hi! dandelions and weeds are not respawning, even waiting several days. 

Have you went to sleep during the several days? dandelions should definitely respawn . I believe the general rule of thumb on most resources respawning is 72 hours plus sleeping once. So keep track of your in game days, make sure three days have passed and that you have went to sleep at least once. If doing that does not solve your problem then make sure to include the following information:

1. Platform (Xbox Console, PC Game Pass, PC Steam).

2. Multiplayer or Single Player Game (if multiplayer, can you let them know how many players in total in the game, and their platforms if you know this)

3. Description of issue.

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Yeah, you're right. I had to wait a few days for dandelions. I've tried today. But there are a few dandelions cutted before the upgrades that haven't respawned. 

I Play on Xbox one and pc, usually solo or local multiplayer (Xbox and pc at home) .


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