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Too many plant fibers!

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Ok so many this had already been brought up but this is kind of annoying when you chop some grass down. Do you like leave the stems along or do you chop it to allow newer grass blades to grow but the only problem with this I see is that when you chop the stem stubs out you spawn many plant fibers. I try to pick up as many as I can then I end up trashing it all. But this come to be a chore more a less. Why not give the ability to disappear over time. Like maybe it goes from grass fiber to dry grass then eventually finally disappearing instead cluttering the ground with it. Hard to walk around with all them lying about. Plus I realized that it hinders from new grass to grow. Any chance for something to be done about this in the future update. Thank you. 

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I just use them to make tons of woven fibers since I usually end up using them at some point. I usually don't touch the grass unless I do need planks or fibers that I cannot find.  The grass stems also grow back in case you don't know.  If your issue is that you don't want grass to respawn then simply build like a floor or something on the surface where the grass was cut this should negate its regrowth/respawn effect. I doubt this gives the answer you're looking for but I agree it would be nice if they did turn to dry grass then disappeared over time this way I don't feel like I'm a maid in my own server lol.

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