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Changes/new features I would add to the future of this game

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Armor section: We have a full armor set for Spider, Acorn, Grub, Ladybug, Clover and Ant,, will there be a full set for the Beetle, Larva and Stinkbugs. New armor sets I would like is one that lets you jump higher, drinking liquid fills the bar faster same with eating food,. Insects that attack your armor a certain times take damage to keep it balanced.  

Vision section: Add a telescope/binoculars so we can see things farther away this would be helpful of finding materials, other insects and if it's worth traveling down that particular area, Add night vision goggles to see through the night with a limited time similar to a torch.

Storage Section: Is 30 slots the max amount we can hold in the backpack, I was wondering if we could hold another backpack for 60 slots, The fact that we can only hold 10 of 1 item in a slot is small was this intentional or would going higher up cause less performance on the game. Holding 20-40 of the same item in 1 slot is more reasonable without breaking the game, especially with the game adding more armor sets, weapons, materials, insect loot and food. People will have to either drop items more often, leave more materials/weapons at home and run back to they're home more often before the new content arrives. Another way to alleviate this is to add a new storage item that has the same slots as the chest or more and your able to plant this item anywhere you want access anytime you across it in the world. Let's say you have leave the new storage item in the acorn area and travel all the way to berry trees you could make this same storage item and it would contain all your items that were in the acorn area. You could choose whether to keep the chest defensible from all insects or force players to build a wall around to make it vulnerable from attack from many insects not just ants.

Food/Liquids Since we have water could fish be added as new food item you need to. Add more soda/juice varieties to drink up and fill our thirst up

Insects: I'd like to see the spawn rate of wolf spiders be increased, spiders definitely gave people a scare how about snakes not sure if that would go too far. Hornet, rats and squirrels would be a great addition.

Menu: Add an option to put us in the single player or multiplayer automatically.

Game Saves: Could there be a way to access a previous game save and go to that directly instead of quitting the world, back to the main menu and then pressing on that specific game save. 

Hotpouch: Could the d pad serve as another option by pressing left or right on the d pad to access other items instead of using LB to access and right stick to pick the item.

Bosses: Last one, does this game have a insect boss if it does I haven't seen it. A boss for each type of insect would make the game fun and challenging. You could choose whether to let the boss re spawn or it's only a 1 time thing.


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