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A few situations the Devs may need to know

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Ok so I've been playing this for awhile and it's awesome! There's just a few things I noticed I wanted to bring to attention.
1) Acorns don't respawn in single player. I've only been playing SP b/c I don't have an Xbox Live account so I can't log in to fix (some say that's the fix).
2) Water dew drops? They're not respawning either. I found a lot of them early on but now my toon is mostly surviving off of nectar (and shrooms).
Why am I not getting drink from juice boxes? Next issue!
3) My base is on top of the Welp Flavordrink. The Armed Raspberry Punch-O juice drops clip through the ground every in-game morning when I seek them out.
The Lemon Crime Punch-O southwest drops frequently without clipping. Non-issue. It's perfect.
4) The spider infested east of Hedge Ascent - Acricop Punch-O juice box drops like crazy. I mean through that leaf it drops tons of juice.
5) Radar for the SCA.B is confusing. I've bought all upgrades but it's still pretty hard to use it to find Science.
6) Weeds aren't respawning but maybe Dandelions are?

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4 hours ago, toolman6971 said:

Acorns are respawning fine on my SP game as of 8/10.

Hi! Have you been in multiplayer at all? It's said to be a fix for the issue, but I don't have an Xbox Live account.
I just ran around the tree (my base is at the soda can) and still haven't spotted any acorns. The weeds are still all chopped too.
I'd like to take back "maybe Dandelions are" respawning. They definitely are.

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