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Nerf Ladybug Stuns

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Whenever I fight ladybugs it either goes one of two ways:

1.  I can easily sidestep their attacks, and defeat them with no sweat.


 2.  They stun the living crap out of me and I don't have enough time to move out of the way for the next attack. 

My personal opinion is that the stun duration be shorter, so you have more time to reposition before it attacks again. It's a very frustrating way to go out.


Note: I understand this is an early access game and things are likely to be a little buggy or off (for example my inconsistencies with my experiences with ladybugs), but the stun on the ladybug can be seriously frustrating from my experience. 

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I feel you. You technically have enough time to recover, block, and regain control of the fight but the window to do so is small. Even a tiny adjustment - like increasing the CD between Ladybug attacks by 500ms would help prevent getting stun locked.

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