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I played Grounded for plus 25 hours, finished the story quests, explored the entire backyard, built my base, and killed all kinds of insects.                

Gameplay Overview

Possibly inspired by the movie "Honey I Shrunk the Kids", Grounded is a friend and family survival game that can be played solo or together with other 3 players. You will FIGHT TO SURVIVE from all dangerous a backyard can present.
It is an open-world game with dozens of resources, insects, and secrets to learn about. For a big part of the gameplay, you will be collecting resources to craft, build, or cook things. As, the best you prepare, higher will be your success in exploration, quests, or combat adventures.
The game comes with a SHORT CHAIN OF STORY QUESTS that when completed unlocks daily repeatable quests. But keep in mind, the core game is to learn how to survive and strive with what the environment offers.
As most Early Access games, Grounded starts with a lot of bugs and glitches. Some have workarounds and some we will just need to wait for a fix.
One truth Grounded share with most of the survival games is that, the more you learn, the easier the game gets. Early game challenges, like searching for food or water are replaced by thoughts of "how can I make my base look even better".

Watch full review, click at this link
Read the full review, click at this link.

Game review toplines:

  1. Grounded is a survival adventure game. You will explore, collect, build, and fight insects.
  2. It is in Early Access stage so you will need to work-around bugs and glitches.
  3. The story quests can be finished in less than 1 hour, after that you get repeatable daily quests.
  4. The game is a real promise for the survival genre.         
  5. The price tag is fair for what the game offers.            

Happy to chat about it.

Content Creator at Grounded Dossier 

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