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Glitch? Intended? Physics Problem?

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So I have a 'bridge' in the air from my main base to the nearby baseball.  I made a wonderful 'tower' to hold up the corner where it needed to make an L ,  using a clay foundation and 8x palisade (2 tall, all around) with the internal support being the scaffolds.   At the top I added 2 more scaffolds and some angled roof to make it look like it was holding up the bridge.

total cost something like 78 stems, 8 clover, 4 clay, and of course fiber and all that.


Now.. the issue.  A wandering wolf spider appeared, and I am not sure if it 'clipped' into the tower structure, or just flat out attacked it with a powerful attack - but it INSTANTLY destroyed it. All of it. In 1 hit. Keep in mind this is clay foundation, 3 scaffold tall, etc.    It then did a 'lunge attack' and I was 1 shotted as well.


Is there something wrong with physics/acceleration? It's never done that before, and I was in LadyBug armor.  I also notice my Mushroom farms and Dew Collectors stopped working.  IF you make a new one, they work once, with all the resources seeming to instantly appear after a short while of being built, but no matter how many days pass they remain empty  after you collect that first batch.


Back to the pallisade/clay foundation problem... I thought these were supposed to be 'tougher' materials, which is why they require unlock as well as pretty expensive resources (8 stems per wall of palisade makes it the most expensive wall by so far.)  Do they not function as 'stronger defense' materials? Are they 'cosmetic only" ?  Would not make sense in the traditional survival game style, but thought I'd ask.


The next part added some humor to a devastating attack - the pile of supplies (while lagging me out when created, once it settled it was fine) seemed to cause the enraged spider to 'clip into it' and then it went FLYING through the air into the distance. (to the west of the Rake) I haven't bothered seeing if it died of fall damage/collision damage yet (it was probably twice as high as the weeds grow) but it both wouldn't shock me if it was dead, or if the game made bugs immune to fall damage.

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